Emily Patterson was born in St. Louis, Missouri. She is currently studying to become a middle school math teacher. She considers herself as one of the kids who dreaded going to school and complained throughout the day until she met her favorite math teacher. Her teacher actually took the time to work with her one-on-one to figure out what she needed in order to succeed. She wanted to be that teacher that can relate to the kids struggling with school and guide them down the right path while working up to their full potential just as her teacher and mother helped her do. During her short time here at Drake she has already had experiences that shows that she was made to be a teacher. Along with the group of friends that she has made, Crew Scholars is also a blessing in more ways than one. She has gotten to know a large group of people from all different backgrounds and they have all changed her outlook and attitude more than they will ever know. Emily had this to say about Crew “It’s always great to know that you have a home and family away from home right there to listen when struggling with academics and things outside of school as well.” She is more than happy and thankful for her education. her mother, her inspiring math teacher, and the great group of people she has met thanks to the Crew Scholars Program.