Crew 001

Anthony Pawnell  was born in St. Paul, Minnesota but he currently resides in St. Louis, Missouri.He is currently a Law, Politics, and Society major at Drake University. His desire to impact his community has fueled his passion for law. His goals are to become a corporate attorney and to open a law firm in St. Louis. He also wants to create a program that informs youth about the law and their rights as citizens. Anthony is the co-president of Brother To Brother and he serves as the student coordinator for The Crew Scholars Program.  He was also selected to give a poetry pice during Drake’s 2014 Convocation ceremony. When he is not writing poetry he is dancing with his group the “Super Sick Crew” . The group  has been featured on  fox2 news,  they’ve opened for the musical group “Mindless Behavior”,  and they have even done music videos.